I want to see this; I found it while I was awaiting the result of my MOT test., but can’t afford to buy it. Like the PS/2 which depressingly seems further away than in mid summer.


So my bike will be insured from 1400 Hrs today; and my MOT test is at 1500 hrs. Wish me luck. Perhaps I should go and file the end of my brake lever so it doesn’t look quite so snapped off.

I’ll do that after lunch.

I’ve just finished proofing my essay, I need to get dressed and change the condeser on Rebecca, see if that cures the intermittent misfire….

But the thing which prompted me to write is that I just got spammed with an advert for a web-site doing ‘rape pictures’. I do not want these things in my inbox, and frankly I’m *angry* that they dare send them. It is bad enough that these pictures are out there, but that they spam the universe advertising it? It’s not right.

It’s just really, really, horrible. Hopefully Moz’s Junk-mail heuristics’ll take care of anymore, at least, but it just made me really angry. I know people who’ve been raped, and how it must make them feel when this shit arrives in their inbox….

#Rock the casbah!

Damnit, I should be writing my essay; but I’m ensnared by XMPlay’s current random playlist which appears only to be picking music which must be played very loud

– Can’t get Blue Monday Out of My Head (K Minogue remix)
– Starman (David Bowie – encoding’s a bit ropey on this, must have done it a long time ago!)
– Rock the Casbah (The Clash)

At least my laptop’s capable of producing a lot of noise through the headphones.

Rock the Casbah!

The downside of this is it does remind me of the one really great thing about my parents house. Being noisy. Being in the middle of no-where means you have to have absolutely no concerns about bothering the neighbours. I miss being *really* noisy. My 200W/Channel amp is sat under my bed because, well, we use Lauren’s anyway (mine’s not got a remote); and frankly, turning my amp beyond about 1/3 is probably enough to do serious damage to the house. It used to be capable of making the block of flats I lived in vibrate (you could feel it through the walls) and that’s the kind of *loud* I sometimes need.

F**!£ing Printers

So, when I installed my shiny new OS my printer started working; miraculously and without prompting it suddenly started being able to print in full, unadultorated CMYK beauty. So today, having got to the point where I couldn’t do any more essay I decided, foolish as I was, to print off some artwork.

Ha! Said my printer, and spontaneously ceased printing in colour. It’s back to it’s very special CYK printing, giving everything a strange green-blue hue. Frustrating for many reasons, including the fact that one of the pictures I wish to print consists, largely of a big block of flipping red. I continue to hate printers.

It’s sale time…buy! buy! buy!

Only there was virtually nothing worth buying in the sales. The entire world cinema and anime sections weren’t in the sale at all, the dvds I might have considered were discounted by all of a pound (get them online, it’s cheaper…) and the quid-ish section was tiny. I did find 3 cd’s (well, 3 double cds) for 1.99 each (which meets my under a quid a disk price requirement) which allowed me to get some new dancy stuff. Certainly one CD of which is cool.
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The death toll keeps on rising; I actually wish I’d finished my training so I could go out and actually help these people. I mean, they need people with medical training; and I wish I could help. I can’t.

23,000 dead, current estimate. 23,000 people. 23,000 individual people with lives, with belongings, with families, with jobs. 23,000 people with thoughts, dreams and ideas all dead.

It is incredibly shocking.
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Donna con donna

I wonder if my ex, Donna, knew the term Donna con Donna refers to Woman with Woman? Hrm, I didn’t either, but that’s before I bought “Queer Facts” – a lesbian and gay trivia book, which I’m now forced to dip in and out of. ‘s full of fun facts. I also picked up a copy of Tipping the Velvet (the novel) and a sort-of book called Far from Dull, which is essentially a lot of (generally really well taken) photographs of places with strange or silly place names. All of them were half price. I wanted to buy the new Ben Elton novel but it’s still only in hardback, and half of 17.99 is still an awful lot for one book. And then I realised I don’t even have the previous Ben Elton novel; but that wasn’t on sale. Nor was either of the recent Robert Rankin books.
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