Boxing day…. part 2

I’ve only really been properly up for 4 hours, and I’m absolutely shattered. I think it’s the warmth (sitting against a radiator, ‘cos the rest of the house is so bloody cold); the sleeping in (which is rare for me); and the semi-darkness (my parents tend not to have their lights on very much – I think my dad finds bright light uncomfortable).

I just want to sleep – which is bad, ‘cos I need to work. Nyargh. Sleep? Work? Sleep? Work…

Boxing day…. part 1

Wow, daytime and I’m writing. I should be working, actually. I’ve read ‘Growth Monitoring’ in Health For All Children, unfortunately I’ve actually read the second, not the third edition; mostly because I got 3/4 of the way through photocopying it before I realised that I had the wrong edition in my hand (it looked like the newer one!) and didn’t have the money to copy the newer one…
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Being as I am, not a christian, I find the whole christmas concept tends to largely go by with more a kind of force of habit thing, than anything meaningful. That’s not to say that I don’t vastly enjoy it. When I had a partner the ritual of getting the tree, putting up the decorations, buying the presents. Well, I had a ball. But being single, I think I’ve come more to my personal ‘winter festival’, a kind of season’s greetings or Cyfarchion y Tymor (that’s Welsh, alledgedly (I think: Betha agus Sláinte is Irish, but I can’t really be sure) :-) ).
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Home sweet home

It’s funny; I’m surrounded by the accoutrements of a life I used to have. Back at my parents, in a room I last permanently occupied over 5 years ago; different yet still the same. Reminders of my first set of years at university, the gramophone my parents gave me around my 15th(?) Birthday (reminders there of the absence from my memory of a lot of my past). My sisters pirate, my first tv (Casio TV-430!), my papier mache fish (“Git Fish”),bits from my first computer, photos…..
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Frustration, patience and holidays


I apparently need k-mail to import mail from k-mail into Mozilla. This seems like a flaw to me *sighs*. So, down we go with the Live-Eval CD from SuSE for 9.0 (the system I used to have on here) – in a hope that I can finally get my mail installed. See, just to make things that bit more perfect, some of the passwords for silly things (like IM Clients), the settings for my mail server (both sending and recieving), and a whole bunch of other stuff is stored *in* my mail client. Continue reading “Frustration, patience and holidays”

I give in.

I have no idea how to achieve this anymore.

The ‘ext2/3’ file reading software, well, it consumes all available memory…. then crashes. Isn’t that nice.

BeOS can’t see the fucking disks at all because they’re on a highpoint RAID card.

I am so totally sick and tired of this. I’ve still got no working PC it’s taken two fucking days and it’s now 11o’clock at night and I just damn well want to kick the whole thing out the window.

I still hate them

2 hours.

2 hours, and the data is slowly creeping from the dodgy 40Gb drive to the new 60Gb. It’s god-awful slow. I hate migrating operating systems. I’ve also realised that I’ve over complicated things, and that there are simpler solutions which I should have implemented.

Indeed, given that I have to re-reinstall my main work machine I think I probably will.

Tedious though it is.

I am very tired, I feel grotty from being ill and having spent days inside the house.

I have had little contact with my friends, ‘cos most of them I keep in contact over messegger clients and e-mail; and my main work machine is still awaiting completion.

And I have yet again destroyed a bunch of e-mail; because…. wait for it…. I didn’t save my inbox. I’ve just realised. Fuck.

I *always*; invariably, forget that my flipping e-mail client kept it’s inbox separate from the rest of the mail. *sighs*. I hope there was nothing too important in there.

Let me just state catagorically

I hate computers. I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them.


Of all the disks to be sickly, it’s the 40Gb Maxtor. This means that my new 60Gb drive has actually only granted me a net gain of 20 flipping Gig.

On top of which, the install process is not going ‘well’. I have actually given up on Linux. That’s right, you heard me, the linux freak has given up on Linux. BeOS will only be residing on the garage machine; although it will find use extracting the files from the old Linux disks. Why? Why I hear your plaintive cry come across to me.

Simple. It failed. Linux (SuSE 9.1 & 9.0) failed to install correctly on a really basic Athlon machine. Of course, it didn’t fail early on, oh no, it got to a 2/3s installed system which took 2 entire hours to install before it packed up and died on the reboot. And I note that Novell aren’t making the new version of SuSE available for download anyway.

BeOS is lovely, fast, but the software support is just not there – which I suspected, but I actually tired of broken links, downloads that didn’t work, and completely non-existant software within about 1/2 an hour.


This is day 2 and I have *one* working machine, *one* partial machine and *one* mid-install.