An ongoing catalogue of events, presented in time order.

  • An NHS response

    The NHS is currently going all TERFy in the England. The proposed clinical guidance for the new Children and Youth Gender Identity Clinic is, to use a phrase, a hot fucking mess*. The comment period is open and I had some words… Just in case they’re useful to others, they’re here: To what extent do […]

  • Oh so nearly. Oh so close.

    So today was the big day. Well, kinda. Today was permit sign off day. Knowing that very few of you have your Joo Janta 200 Super-Chromatic Peril Sensitive Sunglasses on, and it’s likely that you’ve got enough stress and anxiety in your life, I’ll save you worrying. No, we didn’t pass, but it was close. […]

  • For a hot minute

    I stick the squeezebox on random…and it plays a song. And even when it’s not right – not right for the era I’m transported back to that period where, for a hot minute I was a DJ at university. I went from hiding in my room at parties, being the “DJ” and playing tracks to […]

  • Not quite how I envisaged today

    I had a whole bunch of over-exuberant plans about how much I’d get done today. I mean, they really assumed I’d be in the mood for fun and frolics, and that the weather would be good. It wasn’t…bad per-se. It wasn’t hacking down with rain – that’s apparently going to be next week. But what […]

  • One step forward, one back.

    So the en-suite. We were all ready to seal it… and then. When we installed the toilet, we installed it and used it for months without a problem. Before the rest of the bathroom was even finished, we were using it. Before the shower was installed, we were using it. Hell, before the sink was […]

  • It finally happened.

    So, if you’re wondering about the radio silence… it’s because I finally brought COVID home. Ironically not from the hospital. The repeated exposures there didn’t get me. No, it was a perfect storm of misfortune. We went to Fully Charged Live down in San Diego – and while we were there we went for a […]

  • Like a military operation

    We had a plan. It was a solid plan. The two new chickens (Thelma and Louise) were ready for their next step in flock integration. In where they can interact with – but not actually get to our other chickens. We would take the temporary run in which they’ve been acclimatising down – it’s made […]

  • A tale of two taps

    …well, valves. But that’s not so alliterative. So as is so often the case as the deadline for our project being signed off approaches (or us getting *another* extension) I put a bit of effort in to trying to get things finished – at least enough – to get signed off. The bathroom is the […]

  • Muncaster Fell, then down to my mum’s

    Our final day in the Lakes we thought we’d relax, take a nice short walk, something not too taxing and without too much height. That went about as well as usual, as we wandered up Muncaster Fell. Our map made us think that it was about a 600 ft climb, iirc, and then a faaaairly […]

  • Whin Rigg, Illgill Head and Burnmoor Tarn

    Well, fairly astonishingly, we did it. Not only did we do it, but we did it in time to get down and (thankfully) get the train back to our studio apartment. After some debate, we decided to take Wainwright’s advice, and instead of just heading up to Burnmoor Tarn, which had been plan A, we […]

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