So, I used to make videos. I vaguely intend to again. Some of them lurk, unloved, on Youtube. Some of them don’t…

Non-Car (or loosely car) Related Videos

A Pride of Minors 2006

Again, pretty car related, but this is the 2006 trip to EuroPride as the MMLGBT. Kind of Royksopp in style due to the fact we were having such a good time we ditched the video camera. So, yeah, it’s a bit different in that sense to my usual stuff, but pretty darn spiffy all the same, and with the delights of Soulwax to keep your ears entertained. Huge thanks to the Flickr and other photoy types who let me use their photos and to John who lent me the video camera – without these kind folks there’d be no video at all!

A Pride of Minors 2005

Sort of car related – this is the preparation and the trip to London Pride in 2005, with the Pride of Minors group. It’s my usual sort of thing, fast cuts and music. The video’s suffered a bit ‘cos it’s been DV’d, QT encoded, QT Decoded and then DivX compressed (Bloomin’ apple users) which means that you can’t really tell that a really nice camera did lots of the video. Also when encoded it lost it’s timecode (if it had one!) so the lip-sync is um, manual…

7 Minutes into the future

It’s a non-car related movie. This has got to be the most random thing I’ve done, it’s just something that came to me as a thought a while back. I really like it, I dunno what everyone else will make of it. Uh. So. Yeah. It’s there. Update Everyone seems to think it’s really cool. Yay, go me.

Pyoor goes to Mardi-Gras

This is hashed together footage taken at Cardiff Mardi-Gras 2004. It’s probably one of my better attempts, there’s not much more to say about this one, still learning to edit… ‘s quite a fun bit of film…. About 6 minutes long.

Car Related Videos

Fitting a 1275

A quick music-video type short using the footage done when fitting the 1275 Ital engine to my minor. Fast cuts, music, minors, and uh engines. Mostly engines. And oil. Yeah. C’est la. I realise it’s got some sync problems, I’ve not managed to resolve getting files from my camera into any editor except Ulead (which I hate) – so, um, that’s just the way it is at the moment.

What Came First, The Chicken or the Minor? Part 2

The real first episode of Issigonis Eggs; the one which should be watched first (but as you can see, was made second). It’s 23 minutes long (yeah, yeah, I know, but you should see what got cut!) and really is a very rough guide to the Morris Minor; a bit of history; a bit of where bits are in the engine bay (we’ll cover that more thoroughly later) I hope. It’s a bit random, but hey. Because of size constraints I’m not putting up the uncompressed version; please see the note above.

Servicing Your Heater

The first ‘episode’ of Issigonis Eggs; this is a very much more um, educational, video about servicing the heater in a Morris Minor. It’s just over 10 minutes long, and is showing more and more apptitude with the software. You do need the XVid codecs to play this.

Kate attempts to fit an engine stay

Another roughly 7 minute film, this time about changing the engine steady bar to a redesigned one. Sounds’s ropey in places on this due to my neighbours motorbike being, um, run through sections of the recording. Editing’s very ropey on this as I used it to play with some new software – and only after I’d removed the very carefully AVI’d versions of the files from my camera did I realise that I’d screwed up the transitions. So. Wait for the next one :-)

A tale of two springs

This is a short (7 minute) epic about changing the rear springs on a friends Morris Minor. Things didn’t go entirely to plan. It’s not educational, just my first foray into the field of video.