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It occured to me that in relative terms it’s been a while since I posted. Mostly I’ve been watching the L word (second series), trying to spend what little time I can with my parter, and finishing off putting Rebecca back together. This morning I tried to swap the thermostat housing, which nearly worked, except for my rather sudden discovery that the one I’d spent an hour removing had corroded through it’s alloy casing (which I discovered before I put it on at least), so another 20 quid has vaporised from my life.

Hopefully the hideously kinked hose will hang together until I get a chance to fit the one I’ve just ordered.

Still, it meant that I really did see what a hideous state my old engine was in.

Other than that, work (as in Uni work) keeps me entertained… Just wish I got to spend more time with Trey. I’ve also been thinking about the upcoming court case. If I wasn’t stressed enough I am now (I realise that it’s just a little local court thing, but it’s fricking terrifying) :-/


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