And we’re done!

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So I’ve finally finished (mostly) having bits chopped off or up. Since the US healthcare system makes it wise to throw everything at the pan once you hit your deductible, then I decided to get my nose rotorouted. Basically I’ve had enlarged turbinates and a deviated septum (which I should have had dealt with in my 20s when my endo suggested I go see an ENT to see if that was why my breathing was shit), but no. No. Genius then Kate decided to wait.

So instead I had it done a week ago. And my nose while sore does appear to be more capable of letting air in, which is nice. But the first 5 or so days afterwards were bloody awful (at some points literally). The pain wasn’t too bad but the sinus pressure was miserable. Part of this is no doubt because I’ve forgotten what colds are like after 5 years of not having them (masks!), but anyway, 0*s, don’t recommend.

Also, despite not being intubated (they used an LMA! From the hospital I used to work at! I chatted with the anaesthtist about it as I was put under), my voice is absolute garbage again. Falsetto’s gone walk about (I noticed that when I tried to whoop at the end of The People’s Joker), and it’s kinda doing that sultry thing. Not great for singing.

Anyhow, I’ve got work-but-not-filming (can’t lift) Monday / Tuesday next week for TE and then I’m truly back in the real world with my lifting capacity back to it’s fearsome normal on Wednesday. The only other thing I’ve thought of to take advantage of maxing out my insurance is removal of a painful lipoma. So that’s in for June (well, the consultation is). Back to life as normal soon…


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