Well, that was a month that zipped by

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Apparently June went by without a post. It’s not that I didn’t do anything. I wrote more novel, I submitted my existing novel to more agents, I cut trim, I worked both jobs, I played in a band (only in practice but they’ve started threatening me with us going to do an open mic), I sang. I made some new (online) friends. I moderated a discord about novelty mugs. I read some more of Whipping Girl and a lot more of various things by Zoe Storm and Alyson Greaves.


…some how I didn’t make time for journaling.

Probably should, it’s good for my head.

Anyhow, I just dropped in today to fix the SSL certificate, which I’ve done, and now I’m gonna go write my second novel some more. It’s terrible at the moment, but it’s a first draft, so that’s fine.


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