To upgrade or not to upgrade

So I’m meant to be working, but I’ve just reencountered this irritating bug with my favourite piece of software / my webbrowser. Just as I…
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It’s taken a long, long time; but finally the instrument panel is file’d, filled and just needs sanding. By which I mean, all the holes…
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And here I was thinking you might have got more competent….

So, back to uni next week. Only one itty bitty tiny teeny problem. I can’t get a timetable. Nor can I register with the Student…


-Tatra T 603 Bauj.1964 It’s a T603. Not a 1969 T603-2, which would be ideal. But it looks complete… And, and, it wants to come…

Showtime US

“Showtime US We at Showtime Online express our apologies; however, these pages are intended for access only from within the United States.” Bastards.
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Time, and patience

I can’t believe I’ve just spent over 2 hours trying to get my sodding RISC PC to actually talk to my Linux box. SSH is…
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Murkier…. (bit of a rant)

So, it’s no great secret I’ve never been overly fond of the U.S.A…. Since I dislike disposable consumerism, am a bit of a closet green…
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Land of the Flying Pixies

So, another day passes and I’m now feeling markedly better. Not entirely better, but better enough that I’ve done some stuff towards my Uni Work.…