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It’s taken a long, long time; but finally the instrument panel is file’d, filled and just needs sanding. By which I mean, all the holes are the correct sizes for their instruments; all the surfaces are fairly flat….except one.

Having ‘designed’ it and measured it incredibly carefully (by my standards) – the instruments all fit (just, the clock/voltmeter/revcounter are *really* close, touching, actually – they were intended to be about 1mm apart. Heh, my metal working isn’t that good!) – but one thing which didn’t occur until I had the instruments sat there was that the one which extends past the curve of the dash…. it needs a bulge in the dash behind it otherwise it doesn’t look too stunning.

Never mind, it would have had to be filler anyway, or braze if the braze had worked…. but it didn’t and so filler it is. A few more happy hours and it should be dry and hard and then final sanding prior to priming and spraying. It’s really quite exciting :-)

The only problem, my hand is now sore and awaiting a blister I suspect from going at the metal with a file for hours.


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