-Tatra T 603 Bauj.1964

It’s a T603.

Not a 1969 T603-2, which would be ideal.

But it looks complete…

And, and, it wants to come home with me…



Kate's a human mostly built out of spite and overcoming transphobia-racism-and-other-bullshit. Although increasingly right-wing bigots would say otherwise. So she's either a human or a lizard in disguise sent to destroy all of humanity. Either way, it's all good.

6 thoughts on “Must…resist….Tatra

  1. Come on, it’s a car! a metal box with four rubber tyres! Cost lots to buy, cost even more to keep running! Makes noises, pollute, look horrible…

  2. But I want the tatra. I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it.


    ‘s not faiiiiiiiirrrrrr. I’ve been good, why can’t I have the tatra….. it’s only about 200 quid.

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