FFS Days 4 and 5

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Days 4 and 5 have pretty much followed the same pattern except with the delight that Kathryn’s been home much of the time because it’s the weekend. She was, as she is, very sweet and went shopping getting me some less brown goop food options (Bananas! Avocado! Soup! Mousse (which, yes, is brown and goop, but it’s texture-ly different goop)). She also very sweetly made me food which was not just drunk from a shaken bottle of meal replacement protein drink.

In addition to that I’ve gradually felt better enough to become more whiny. I’m [hoping/assuming/under the impression] that the staples and sutures come out tomorrow. Which will be nice because the staples on the left side of my head are really annoying and are pressed on by the jaw wrap that I have to wear most of the time. Also I’m increasingly irritable about not being able to wear my glasses properly because the jaw wrap gets in the way. Otherwise pain is very much in the dealable section, but still reasonably unpleasant if I fuck up the timing on the basic meds – if I don’t hit all the regular doses of ibuprofen and paracetamol then the centre of my head gets quite achy. And yeah, the staples on the left today have been giving me grief. It’s possible that during the night I slept on them some, but I’m not sure.

Numbness wise there’s not really been a lot of change, unsurprisingly. My forehead is kinda patchy. The top of my head feels like a block of wood, which is weird, and probably won’t change for a long time.

Swelling’s definitely dropping though, although in its place bruising is starting to come out, so that’s fun. It does increasingly look like I got in a vicious fight, to which the only answer to any concerns will have to be “Oh, you should see the other girl.”

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