FFS Day 3

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Mostly just a lack of sleep which is wearing me down. Lots of swelling although that’s definitely improving. And the day has mostly been spent chilling and watching films (Bring It On, and Pump Up The Volume).

Not really much else to report. The pain remains manageable with Paracetamol / Ibuprofen. Mostly I’m just tired. I kinda want there to be more to add. I’m going to add in doing some drainage stuff to help with the swelling. I’d really like some food that isn’t a shade of brown and liquid. I had some scrambled eggs last night which was nice, but then a bit got stuck on a stitch in my mouth and bleh.

Otherwise it’s been pretty intriguing – because I have face blindness I now have absolutely no recollection of what my face was like before. Logically, I know it was different and because I’m not 100% face blind, I can tell that there’s something different. And because I know what work I had done I know where things are different. But I can’t point to them and go “oh, that’s changed”. I just look at my face and am vaguely aware that it’s not the same as it was.

I think I’m happy with it though. Definitely happy with the forehead/eye work, assuming that when the swelling goes down and the skin reattaches things are kinda where they are now. The jaw is more intense than I was expecting, but I think it looks cute, so, that’s going to take a little more getting used to. Also, because of the giant elastic jaw strap that’s something I’ve seen much less off.

Of all the things, the giant elastic jaw strap is the most irritating because it makes wearing my glasses incredibly difficult. Which means I end up with kinda a headache just constantly nudging them into a semi functional position.


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