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Just before I disappear to bed I want to make a little note. Today I put in a request to a beta reader – because I’ve done the first pass edit on my book. I’ve had a huge row with imposter syndrome all day, but at the end of the day I’ve written a roughly 115k word novel. That’s what it is. I wrote a novel.

It’s uneven, for sure. It’s a first draft and it needs work. I think it starts pretty well, gets a little *meh* in the middle, then has a stronger final third. I’m a bit thinking the ending is a bit abrupt, maybe it needs more fleshing out? But also…the ending is what it is because of the nature of events. But maybe the epilogue needs a little more. So.

Yeah, so I’m at the “I need feedback from someone who’s not me” stage.

And also, I need a break from it because I’ve been staring at it for more than a decade.

And maybe it’s shit.

And maybe it’s not.

But at the end of the day I’d like to make it into something not shit, and something worth reading, and I think it’s not irredeemably terrible so I’m gonna try and do that.


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