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Meanwhile, on ebay

So ebay, for some reason, conflates ‘Steal’ – the 1995 film with Alfred Molina, with ‘The Steal’, a 2002 film. Due to a moment of…
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A few small things

So, today has been another day of tidying and cleaning. We’re not bad at cleaning per-se, just disorganised about it. Having done the kitchen and…
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The Avengers

Spoilers may well abound (I don’t think they do, particularly, but hey, tread carefully people).
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Voila, Spam

So, I decided to kill time watching ‘Fatherland’; for those of you who don’t know, Fatherland is an excellent novel which is set in a…
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Um, yeah, this Journal thing.

See, thing is I have to avoid ranting. I want to rant, sometimes. Like when I came home from work having looked after the person…
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Home again

So, I’m all interviewed. I think it went okay, hopefully I should hear today whether I’ve got the job(s) – there are apparently some temporary…

Weekendly Updatitude.

So, I actually had a weekend off, which is quite weird, and I’ve spent it doing things which are fun/dubious/entertaining. First up, after a day…
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Herbie (Fully Loaded)

So, I finally got around to watching Herbie Fully Loaded; I know, I’m incredibly sad. I’ve loved Herbie films ever since watching Herbie, The Love…
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Pride 2005 the video

Yes, finally finished. It’s here for your downloading pleasure.
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‘s a film my housemate got; one I’d neither desparate urge to watch nor avoid. But given my current indisposed state I thought “hey, there’s…