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So ebay, for some reason, conflates ‘Steal’ – the 1995 film with Alfred Molina, with ‘The Steal’, a 2002 film. Due to a moment of idiotdom I ended up with the latter not the former. I’d be more annoyed, but I paid £1.99 for it, so I don’t really find it in my heart to care that much.

It’d been ripped to the media server and has sat for a few weeks waiting for me to be bored enough to watch it. The awesome headache I’ve got right now was enough of a push, so I sat down and watched it. And y’know what? It’s fucking terrible.

It’s got a couple of nice action-y set pieces, and I quite like the premise, but the acting is worse even than I could do and the script… Well, the script makes the fantastic film I wrote and filmed in secondary school look like a oscar worthy piece of genius. I can’t say that I paid it a great deal of attention, it distracted from my headache sufficiently to make it worth the experience, just. But for once in my life I’m actually tempted to delete it from the media server to reclaim the space.


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