Not monday morning, nor 9:15

So, Yes. Mmm, in uni, should really be working, but there’s only half an hour until my lecture (well, 25 minutes) and I lightened my…
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Tired beyond belief

So, I’ve been making some big changes to my lifestyle of late. I’ve taken back up jogging, I’ve been rowing again (400 strokes yesterday, 500…
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Making out like a bandit….

Well, not exactly, but still… 20 quid, 2 DVDs (well a double disk set) in exchange for 5 dvds, a video and 5 bags of…

Down down down

Yeah, for whatever reason I’ve been on a bit of a downer today. Reaching it’s peak about 4pm when I was just laying doing nothing…
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Love thy neighbour

Unless of course he’s a complete wanker. So I’m working on my car, not even daring to have the engine running (which is a sin…
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Night of a thousand fish

So, Tonight, all things being equal I shall finally make it to meet the local Morris Minor Owners Club. Technically I have no right to…
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No, another Nursing Times has arrived! This is unfair, I’ve not even *opened* the previous one! Nyargh.

To upgrade or not to upgrade

So I’m meant to be working, but I’ve just reencountered this irritating bug with my favourite piece of software / my webbrowser. Just as I…
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And here I was thinking you might have got more competent….

So, back to uni next week. Only one itty bitty tiny teeny problem. I can’t get a timetable. Nor can I register with the Student…