So, this present…

So, ages ago I had this idea for a present. I was so pleased with myself, it was simple, funny, clever… Granted I may be biased.

Only it’s not proven to be so simple. Apart from the many parts that make it up and my general bare adequacy in the [redacted] crafting department, it’s quite finicky. Well, by my standards.

Still, I’m pleased with progress, although I’m slightly of the opinion that it may need [redacted] in the [redacted]s. Am not sure whether to just go ahead and do that, incase it [redacted]s, or whether to test it out. Feh.

Anyhow, despite swearing that I’d go out on my bike, I spent some time waiting for friends to get back to me about meeting up, and then decided to shave my legs, and then got confirmation of something we’re up to this evening, so… decided instead to spend time on Kathryn’s present, and finally getting around to putting Rebecca on a trickle charge. The battery may be nearly dead, but it’s not fully dead and so I’ll quietly leave it quietly charging…

Oooh, and I have GPS tracker on the way for my bike, so I may actually feel like I can ride it and park it places. I’ve been feeling more wary since a friend’s bike was stolen. Granted it was recovered the same day, but still.

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