Day off. Actual day off.

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Well, this is unexpected. I’d given myself a notional ‘day off’, not at work, not needing to do my essay… But I thought I’d check and see if I’ve got any feedback. I’ve not. I mean, there’s plenty that I could/should/would be doing. But I’ve submitted the essay for feedback, and I’ve got the list of audit patients, I’m ready… poised… just waiting on a signature for approval to pull notes and feedback on the dissertation.

I actually can’t do anything terribly useful. I could restructure the dissertation, maybe, but I really want someone sane to point me at that because while I feel it’s a bit weavy, I’m a bit close to it at the moment. I’ve tried, and find myself just making it tie itself in knots.

So I’ve actually got a day off. The sun’s out. The bike’s taxed, tested and insured…



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