Let me just state catagorically

I hate computers. I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them.


Of all the disks to be sickly, it’s the 40Gb Maxtor. This means that my new 60Gb drive has actually only granted me a net gain of 20 flipping Gig.

On top of which, the install process is not going ‘well’. I have actually given up on Linux. That’s right, you heard me, the linux freak has given up on Linux. BeOS will only be residing on the garage machine; although it will find use extracting the files from the old Linux disks. Why? Why I hear your plaintive cry come across to me.

Simple. It failed. Linux (SuSE 9.1 & 9.0) failed to install correctly on a really basic Athlon machine. Of course, it didn’t fail early on, oh no, it got to a 2/3s installed system which took 2 entire hours to install before it packed up and died on the reboot. And I note that Novell aren’t making the new version of SuSE available for download anyway.

BeOS is lovely, fast, but the software support is just not there – which I suspected, but I actually tired of broken links, downloads that didn’t work, and completely non-existant software within about 1/2 an hour.


This is day 2 and I have *one* working machine, *one* partial machine and *one* mid-install.

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