I still hate them

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2 hours.

2 hours, and the data is slowly creeping from the dodgy 40Gb drive to the new 60Gb. It’s god-awful slow. I hate migrating operating systems. I’ve also realised that I’ve over complicated things, and that there are simpler solutions which I should have implemented.

Indeed, given that I have to re-reinstall my main work machine I think I probably will.

Tedious though it is.

I am very tired, I feel grotty from being ill and having spent days inside the house.

I have had little contact with my friends, ‘cos most of them I keep in contact over messegger clients and e-mail; and my main work machine is still awaiting completion.

And I have yet again destroyed a bunch of e-mail; because…. wait for it…. I didn’t save my inbox. I’ve just realised. Fuck.

I *always*; invariably, forget that my flipping e-mail client kept it’s inbox separate from the rest of the mail. *sighs*. I hope there was nothing too important in there.


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