Mmm, 60Gb of shiny maxtor lovelyness….

….now what am I going to do with it?!

Due to my extreme poorness I have a selection of smaller drives, rather than any huge ones. Most of which come from RMA’ing Rachels old harddisks.

Indeed, my selection includes 1x 4 Gig, 2 x 9 Gig SCSI (given to me by John), at the smaller end, then 2 20s, a 30, 2 40s and one 60. Hence my intention to build ‘a storage server’ – because trying to organise my files across this random selection of disks is proving to be rather complicated.

I don’t know. I really don’t know how to organise my machines. I have ‘the garage machine’ (an old K6-II 400, which is intended to live in a garage and provide me with access to exciting things like music and diagrams of bits of car); my ‘work’ machine (which isn’t, ‘cos I only *really* work on my laptop) and my ‘storage server’ – on which I stick my mp3s (woot, I can finish mp3ing my CD collection now I’ve got more space!), my videos, etc, etc. I also want to stick together my ‘work’ machine so it can capture video, because I’ve got a bunch of old vids I want to capture and make into something I’m more likely to watch. Or indeed, able to watch without seeking out the ‘appropriate’ video recorder (some of my video recorders were a bit sick, back in the day, and one the tracking was so far out it could only play it’s own tapes).

Current thoughts are 1 x tiny baby 9Gb SCSI drives in the Garage machine, with a SCSI card from somewhere (might actually be my ISA SCSI Card, mmm, fast ;-). The 8 and the 40 in my work machine. Unless there’s a 10 kicking around somewhere (it might be in my garage machine) and *everything else* in the Server. The most scary thing about this is I’ll be having *no* working machines for a while. That and I have *no* idea what I’m going to use for an operating system! I’m conflicted. I want to use BeOS, but…. then…. if I make it dual boot…. Windows and BeOs…. Or something? But then my /home won’t be readable…. except that BeOS I think can read ext3. But windows can’t. Gaaaaahhhhh! Bloody computers.


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2 thoughts on “Mmm, 60Gb of shiny maxtor lovelyness….

  1. Raid 1? (That’s the stripping one right? – I can’t remember!)

    Do you have a decent I/0 Card? RAID would make the whole media thing fly if you have a good card to back it up.

    As for the storage capabilites… I have two words…

    Bit… and Torrent.

    Not that I’d condone the whole file sharing thing of course. No… 200 GB of drive space… nooo!


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