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Today’s mostly been spent getting organised. Meal replacement drinks into the fridge. Smoothie goop out and ready. Checking through tablets n times +1. Laundering the sheets so that the bed has clean sheets and the sofa is also culovered (they’re very explicit that they want you to return to clean sheets). Also washed the towels, too. They were due it, but I’m not going to get to enjoy the fruits of that labour until I think 48 hours. I had to do a run to target to get the pillows and shite since the ones I ordered didn’t come. And I also grabeysome stuff to help me sleep.

So, both surprisingly – given that I went through and made sure I’d packed everything on the list, and unsurprisingly, given that I’m a chaos angel (or gremlin, or avatar), I forgot to bring my HRT with me. Which would be not a problem if I was on injectables, because I’d already have it in me. But I’m not. So I’m going cold turkey on my estrogen for the next two doses, so whoop to that.

I think I was thinking that I’m not meant to take it in the morning anyway, so I didn’t need to pack it. Which obviously makes zero sense because I’m 60 miles (almost to the mile) from it and while I have long gangly arms, they ain’t that long.


Otherwise I’ve eaten an overpriced but adequate hotel chicken burger, been served in the restaurant by a very gay and very sweet bartender, discovered that TV really is that shit, and drunk a large complimentary glass of wine. Go go gadget hotel stay, I suppose.

I’ve also taken my first hibiclens shower and I’m super glad that they said I could moisturise after the first one (I can’t after tomorrow’s) – because I vaguely recalled how harsh this stuff is but feeling my skin trying to flat itself from my body (okay, overstatement, it’s more like I’m being dehydrated through every single pore) is not as much fun as you might think. My skin’s pretty sensitive so YMMV with that information.

Anyhow, now it’s just one sleep to new face time. Which is…a thing. Exciting and terrifying all rolled together. It kinda feels like I did when I got SRS/GCS. Like I know I want this, and I’m 99.9% certain it will be better, but also it’s freaking scary. It’s my face.


I dunno whether I’ll have time or what to post tomorrow since I’m first in surgery, so… Well, we’ll see.


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