FFS days 0 and 1

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Day 0.

This one going to be kinda hazy because, well, anesthesia. So yesterday morning I rocked up at the surgery center at 7:15 and was ushered into a back room where I promptly realized I’d given my (borrowed from my wife) glasses case back to my wife when they told me to leave my valuables with her.

Weight, a quick run through of health questions, and then getting changed into a gown and a wrap. And of course shitty hospital socks. My confusion as to why people love hospital socks has now grown because they are no where near as nice as the socks I took off. But, y’know, y’all do you. A check of my blood pressure (high, for me), and then it was time to chat with my anesthesist. He seemed nice, but since I am fairly frequently involved in anesthetizing people I didn’t really have much to ask. I debated asking which drugs they’d be using, but decided I wasn’t that bothered. I know they use propfol a lot from a discussion I overheard…

Anyhow, then Dr Liu came in and had a quick chat and finally, Jess, my OR nurse came in and walked me into the room. Unlike my last surgeries I have a really clear recollection of the room because they gave me the premed in the room. Having popped an IV in my head they gave me a med that felt super cold. And him asking if I could feel it and me saying it felt cold was the last thing I remember.

My surgery took about 3 and a half hours and they booted me from the hospital around noon.

Now apparently there were whole discussions and I was wearing my clothes again when I started being able to store memories again. Which, it turns into our, was several minutes into the car ride home. I don’t really remember much about it, apparently there was a huge hail storm that I slept through, and apparently I behaved enough that when my wife told me to stay in the car while she unlocked the house I did. Good, because I was about as stable as a 5 minute old lamb.

Most of the rest of yesterday passed in a haze of sleeping and occasional drugs. I took a couple of oxycodone through the day, the pain was pretty rough. It’s only about a 6ish out of 10 but it’s constant, like a toothache in my head. The absolute worst thing was the nausea. I’ve not had really severe nausea after meds before but last night was rough. In the middle of the night I got up to use the loo and good fucking god did I want to hurl. I was way too early for another ondansetron, so I threw a cold pack on my chest and did some steady deep breathing.

Last night’s sleep was expectedly pretty broken, I slept in our rocking chair because that stopped me from slipping down in the bed… I’m not sure how tonight’s will be.

Day +1

Today has mostly been sleeping. I’ve not needed any oxycodone, just acetaminophen/paracetamol although I can’t wait to add in an NSAID. Because the head pain is bad, just not oxy bad. I’ve drunk huel and the nausea has been, mostly, better. I’ve also been able to get up and walk about and write this which I think is mostly coherent.

Tomorrow I get to take the gauze wrap off and shower which is exciting. And will mean I can wear my glasses again.

Yeah, so that’s that.



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