FFS Day 2

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So, another fairly sleepless night. Sleeping sat up is just something I find incredibly hard to do, which is weird and almost certainly just psychological, because I can do it fine during the day. I probably could sleep if I took the oxycodone, because the drowsyness would probably take over, but I really don’t want the constipation that goes along with that. Especially since (TMI) I’ve not been since the day before surgery. I’ve taken some laxatives but I think I’m just not moving enough for my body’s slack guts to get food processing through. That and all I’ve had are meal replacement drinks.

As a side note I’m so very grateful to my wonderful wife and her mum, it’s been startlingly debilitating – just almost total exhaustion, the last couple of days and keeping track of which meds when? It would have been very difficult. They’ve both been so lovely, especially given Kathryns had very little sleep too, what with me floofing about on my side of the bed. I don’t know why but I didn’t expect to be quite so absolutely floored by it.

Today, in about 30 minutes, the bandages come off. Theoretically I could shower but I’m going to be sensible and wait for Kathryn to get home. Despite the fact a shower sounds like a delicious thing. One of the deeply exciting things about having the bandages off, other than that my head will no longer be wrapped in miles of gauze bandage, is that I can wear my glasses again.

Which means I can watch trashy films.

I mean what good is recovering from surgery if you can’t watch trashy films?



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