Well there goes the schedule

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I mean, it’s not like we had a schedule. We have had multiple optimistic timelines, and I can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed by the gradual acceptance that it’s not going to be livable by the new year. I’d refused to say “we’ll be in by the New Year”, because we’ve missed every other deadline.

But I had hopes.

And we’re not.


The garage is still not done (although it is now sporting the right roof), and because of the code-fixes required and the space needed for the garage door, we can’t stack lumber in there.

Which means that we can’t plane the lumber which is to be our battens – which was a job I was thinking I could ‘fill time’ with. Why do I need to fill time? Because our special flooring compound is still not on its way. The guy who makes it had some supply issues – and has ended up rush-ordering a polymer that he uses from a different distributor, because his usual one is… out of stock.

All of this means that the interior is effectively stalled until it arrives.

I spent the day working on the outside – slowly shifting the ridiculous pile of construction driveway rock into being a somewhat intense pile of pseudo-drain-rock.


The idea is this will stop water pooling by our foundation, and plants trying to grow up next to our foundation.

I also spent time digging out the trench that was originally meant to be dug by our groundworks folks. At least, they said they’d try and get it done… I’m not sure what happened there, but they stopped after a few feet, which has left me with the unenviable task of digging out a 60cmx60cmx4m trench, into which will go lots of gravel and a soak away pipe.

This will, of course, do sod all because the water table sits about 6″ below the surface when it really rains.

But hey, it’s required, so I’m doing it. Hopefully I can get that finished off tomorrow, and we can arrange for the garage to have guttering as soon as we can yank the tank back out of the ground.


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