Why so quiet?

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Well, as has become tradition, after Xmas I headed to CES for Transport Evolved which is a week of work surrounded by 2 days of travel at each end. It went well this year, and you can find videos at Transport Evolved’s website / Youtube channel. That took me away from the house after our Xmas break. Part of this was because while there is stuff to do, the inside stuff is – or was – waiting on the arrival of the flooring compound. The outside stuff is not particularly time critical – and it was time for us to have at least a bit of a break.

We took a couple of days down in Oregon, just walking and mooching around the Hood River area because we were gifted a voucher towards a holiday stay. It was much needed.

Then, like I say, CES. Today I was back at it – a little. See I got some plague at CES and have a tedious cold. Yesterday I had to go over to the house because Tuff Shed were back to fix the code violations on the garage. Thankfully, our inspector was available to come and talk them through what he wanted done, and I think it’s been resolved. But yesterday I bascially got to the house, opened up the garage and sat in a chair for 2 hours while they worked.

Today was the more exciting day. Today we got a garage door.


This is super handy because we handed in our notice and are planning to move next week. So it’s super handy also that our house is completely finished.


Well…”completely” might be over stating it. But the flooring compound has at last arrived. And today I put down the elastomeric membrane that hopefully stops the flooring compound from cracking. So Sunday is the terrifying day when we start putting down the compound. Then Monday is another compound application day. Then Tuesday is starting moving and…installing the kitchen.

And then moving continues until it’s done.

Fingers crossed.


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