I’m just going to lie here going zootlewordle.

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It turns out that loading 7 30kg bags of sand-mix (which is, sadly, a concrete based thing) onto a Bob trolley, then loading half that into the car (I got help with loading), then unloading 6 bags into the house (I realised I’d done my sums based on 60lb bags, not the 80lb bags they had in stock). then mixing 5 of the bags, spreading them, then lugging the 6th bag back to the car, and then the 6th and 7th bags bag onto the trolley and into the store is about my limit.

So I’m just going to lie here going zootlewordle for a bit.

I did also clean the tiles in the bathroom and prep the bedroom for flooring.

This (the bathroom floor) is a job I’ve been worrying about since planning it. I’ve watched countless how-to videos, and read countless articles. Everyone has their own opinion and just to make it doubly complex I switched from the schlauter-kerdi membrane to the paintable hydroban membrane.

After I’d installed the schlauter-kerdi special drain.

But everything I’ve read suggests that this should all work.

So I spent today making everything slope nicely… It just has to set up (I’m leaving that heating off for 2 days), then in a month’s time I can paint it with the hydroban and we can get this bathroom in service too.


In rather more irritating news, it turns out that 1/2″ (15mm) UK pipe is a different size to 1/2″ US pipe. By a fraction of a mm. Meaning the plumbing valves I picked up nice and cheaply from Europe won’t fit the US 1/2″ pipe. Balls.

Also, Tuff Shed. Pfer.


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