What, more drywall?

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Whaaat? More pictures of plasterboard? It’s almost like that is almost all we do at the moment.


That end piece, we thought it would be hellish. There was a lot of measuring. A lot of approximating angles. A lot of adjusting, but Kathryn cut it and with just a little shaving it fits really well. The shims we put in have made it so the wall looks pretty straight now that first run of drywall is up.

Tomorrow we are going to add another sheet below that, and maybe attack that corner of slopes and short bits. It’s unlikely that we’ll get to the east wall, which is the next whole wall that I can do bits on.

Roughly 2 boards per afternoon is our target. Four boards in a day. Two boards if I’m there by myself.

So we’re plodding along and making progress.


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