Up and down and up

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So, that could really describe the individual sheets of plasterboard which often need a little correcting before they fit well enough, our sprints up and down on the scaffolding, or my mood.

The last few days have been rough for some reason. The tax thing has at least been resolved. We went to a tax preparer, and for the cheerful sum of $159 he made it so we owed $1300 instead of $1900. So that was a saving overall… which is good. Also we feel more confident about sending it in now we’ve had some advice about what we can reasonably consider to be a ‘land improvement’.

I suspect my frustration at the car situation is creeping in to my mood. I was quite excited by the vehicular options I thought would be open to us, and I’m a little worried that we’re going to end up with a Bolt just because it’s the only one we can lay our hands on, and I really don’t feel like it’s the best choice for us. Bloody ZEV mandate-less WA.

And, well, I’ve not felt like we made loads of progress on the house this week. Tuesday was all errands and failing to do taxes, Wednesday I had to run up to Tacoma to collect our dishwasher, and by the time I’d got back there wasn’t really enough time to make it back to the house before we had our tax appointment – which meant two days with no progress at all. Thankfully, Monday and today went well, so I’m feeling better… My mood’s still a bit labile (although Rozi Plain is helping)…

Anyhow, so Monday I finished off the East wall, which we’d started at the weekend:

Look, I made an animation and everything.

And today we put finished the dining area (well, technically there’s a tiny bit above the corridor to do).


It’s a big step forward. I’ve made a start on our bedroom, too:


It’s possible that we might get the North wall completed this weekend. Maybe. Maybe not. It’s still 3 pieces… I’ve also started filling the upper bit of the wall between the dining room and our bedroom with insulation. It’s a minging task, with itchy fluffy dust filling the air. But it’ll be worth it. In fact it is worth it, because despite the fact that our walls are made of wood and an inch of gypsum, that solid filling makes them sound so much better than the cheap houses we’ve looked at where they’ve not bothered to insulate.

Despite the fact that we’re not finished, we have to get an inspection next week whatever happens, though, because our permit is running out. So wish us luck.


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