Well, that’s a disappointment.

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I treked up to Fife today to pick up our oven, about which I have been quite excited. In the yard I stripped off some of the wrapping to check the door (okay) and the control panel (looked okay). I peaked through the bubble wrap and saw the blue of the oven. Great.

We managed, with careful packing to snug it into the i3. It turns out that a US oven <em>just</em> fits in to the i3.

Having got it home it sat in the car until Kathryn arrived…

…and actually until the end of our work day.

We managed to get the two top sheets on our tall bedroom wall up (which is pleasing). Then, since the rain showed no signs of letting up we gave in and carried in the oven.

We set it down and carefully unwrapped it.

And… bollocks.


No, it’s not the angle the photo’s at. It’s been bent. Horribly.

Which is odd, because the packing material around it looked fine. Not a scratch, dent or bend. The door, which was travelling on top of the oven was also undamaged.

But the oven itself is fucked.

So I’ve requested a not-as-described refund.



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