In the years before…

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…when the internet was young[1] I used to collect the odd video. You’d find some bizarre things out there. They’d be uploaded in all their 320×240 glory, usually in mpeg or flv format… It’s not a massive collection, and mainly these things can now be streamed on youtube in vastly higher quality. But I have discovered since resurrecting my media server that something is f’ked up in the flv player on our media player. The speed is hideously variable. It actually makes me feel quite nauseous to listen to any of them. I’ve also got some videos that were sent to me by a nice person who worked at a record label – when they were being sold / closed.


In other related news, as you might gather the server is up and working. The files are mainly where they belong. Some stuff seems to have disappeared and will need to be reripped :(

I want to add some stuff for privacy purposes… I’m gradually trying to move towards behaving like the privacy aware citizen I am, but having installed a VPN I found I couldn’t get either Plex or Subsonic working. Trying to persuade port-forwarding to work with a VPN is quite challenging. I’m aware this would reduce the security of the connection, but… I am trying to hit a nice point between security and insanity.

[1] well, ish.


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