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There’ve been two Xerox techs in my office all day, trying to figure out what the heck is up with our brand new printer and it’s print server. One of them, Incompetent Guy, is our usual service tech. The other one, poor dear, knows what he’s doing. Watching him attempt to keep his patience has been the highlight of my day.

Meanwhile, Incompetent Guy keeps asking me to send print jobs for his troubleshooting and then bringing the resulting prints to me as if I’m supposed to do something with them. Half of them are obviously screwed up and all of them are things he requested.

It feels rather like when the cats bring me half-dead rodents. 

He’s trying.

Is this also the guy you had the discussion with about hiding kittens and baby goats in the printer?

Nope, that was a different tech! I think nearly all the xerox tech and sales people have visited us in the past month.

That guy who thought the kittens and baby goats were funny but clammed up as soon as we started talking about hiding baby babies. Amusingly, the guy here last week thought hiding baby babies in the printer was a brilliant idea, and mentioned that when his kid had been little sometimes the only way to get her to go to sleep was to set her on the washing machine. :P