Today has also sucked

So today we I found out (Kathryn’s not home to hear the shit news yet) that the home insurance policy does not cover such minor piffling items as a bike. Despite them asking me to run through the ‘High Risk’ items when I did named items for the policy, Halifax neglected to mention that bicycles aren’t included as standard.

When you get the booklet, in small tiny tiny print under high risk items, somewhere after ‘crowns, Arabian princes, priceless frog collections’ it says ‘oh, and bicycles’. Even the claims adjuster admitted that ‘the booklets aren’t very easy to follow’. Well, no. Not unless you’re into fucking insurance, no.

This however makes me more committed to working out what the hell else they might have taken, because at the moment, what they’ve taken is swallowed up by the policy excess. In which case, it’s probably not worth making a claim.

This might manage to get me over my failure to really develop hatred for the people who stole our stuff. Mostly I’ve been vaguely annoyed and stressed and quite down. Being a lefty liberal, some of me’s still stuck being nice about the shitty little sods. Commenting on bad choices, and so on. What I want to do is yell and shout about wanting to break their fingers, but I don’t, because I don’t want to. I want them to be caught and punished. I want justice done. But really, they’ve just annoyed and inconveninced me. However, they have just cost us £400 of bike, and right at this moment, I’m not exactly sure what the policy does cover, because everything seems to be listed under ‘exclusions’ (computers/electronics/cds/music/furniture/possessions/bricks/wood/anything containing any elements included in the periodic table). Might ring Halifax again and just check exactly what is included.


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2 thoughts on “Today has also sucked

  1. I can haz login still!

    Bike insurance, call around, say you have expensive bike(tm) that needs insuring with the home-owner insurance, get it added, specifically, added to the list. You can also get reduced excess on the bike itself.

    I’m about to go shopping for bike insurance as well, not looking forward to it :(

    What kind of bike did she lose?

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