Well, today has sucked

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So, yesterday was a total high. We ‘finished’ the lounge. Well, actually, more accurately Kathryn’s slogged her guts out painting and so the room is completely painted. It’s not really ‘finished’, there’s still shelves to go up, the fire place still wants cleaning, we hadn’t actually put the telly on the wall, but we scrabbled around in our storage unit and got the sofa back to the house (and our standard lamp). We fell into bed tired but pleased. What we didn’t know is that either while we were at the unit, or sometime during the night to come someone would enter the garage and make off with a bunch of tools, my motorbike and Kathryn’s very nice pushbike.

They kicked down the back gate, wrenching the fence post from the wall of the garage. It never was intended to do more than provide a discouragement anyhow. Then they kicked / broke the lock on the garage side door, let themselves in, let themselves out with our stuff.

It’s worrying, there’s some important documents in there. There were a bunch of hand tools they’ve nicked, they went through some of the other boxes too, clearly looking for stuff they could quickly nick and flog. Ironically they missed (so far as I can tell) our ViewSonic net-TV adaptor. When I go down to put the alarm on there in a few minutes, I’ll check for Kathryn’s laptop – because it just occurred to me that that was in there, I think.


Instead of spending the evening doing a smidge of work on the house, then doing my course, I got instead to talk to the police, and then spend an enjoyable few hours putting new padlocks on the doors, rehanging the gate and putting longer, nastier screws into the garage wall. But really? If someone wants to break into a wood framed garage? It’s never going to be impossible.

The geniuses who stole the bike made it about 100 meters before abandoning the MZ. Thankfully they didn’t take the uninsured GT550. The MZ, being it’s recalcitrant self, I suspect they tried to hot-wire. The faint hilarity of some stupid little scrote attempting to hot-wire a kickstart bike is not entirely lost on me,¬†although the humour of the situation is limited at the moment. The police have actually expressed an interest, which surprised me, I assumed the crime would fall somewhere below ‘statistic’. Apparently, due to the government’s obsession with statistics, it’s a crime where, because they touched so much stuff they might actually CSI the garage and see if they can pull the scrote in off fingerprints.

Unfortunately, Kathryn’s very nice Giant bicycle did not get abandoned so conveniently. I’m not sure if she ever had it marked (and if it is marked, it’s probably with our old postcode).

Still, to cheer me up I’ve put the TV on the wall. Tomorrow I get to deal with insurance companies and so on.


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