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So, we’ve had our meeting with the architects today. And, actually, the electrician. Tomorrow’s the plumber.

And I’ve managed to drag myself up from feeling astonishingly negative. Which is funny, because the first architect seemed fairly positive. I don’t think we can do what we want at all, but he was positive about it. The next one gently broke it to us that he didn’t really think we could achieve it, at all, and suggested that we might be better off just ringing a builder and getting them around to slap a box on the back of the house – which is something we were trying to avoid.

However, I’ve found something positive – a garage that we can afford, although we may have to erect it ourselves, or tile it ourselves, or something. :-/

And if we can trim enough costs from the garage, then we might be able to achieve the ideal for the house within budget. Which’d be awesome… Although I think we might want to just get a builder to quote for it, or maybe get an architect to draw it and then let a builder ‘realise’ it… Meh. Dunno. It’s all complex in my head at the moment.


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