And so it goes on

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The saga of the mobile phone drags on, causing chaos and destruction around it. So I’m not willing, as I may have mentioned to have a fourth credit check before the mortgage is through, and then today when I went to get the phone line reconnected (it’s got a ‘Stop’ on it), well… the saga went like this:

– Call Be, they say BT need to reactivate the line.
– Ring BT, be informed (somewhat rudely) that Be ‘should be able to’ reactivate the line and that ‘any Broadband supplier could do it’, and that I should ring them back
– Call Be, they say they can’t reactivate it from it’s current state and that I should ring BT, or Post Office Telephones who can.
– Call BT who *won’t* reactivate a line without a 12 month contract
– Stare faintly at Virgin before realising we’d be paying nearly a third as much again (which’d give us TV as well, but we don’t watch much TV – and we could get a freeview box).
– Call the post office who say yes, we can have it and no long contract, but…

…it needs a credit check.


Adding insult to injury I don’t know if I’ve paid off my loan, and I don’t know this because online it shows 200 odd quid – I’m not sure if this is credit or debit, and the bank are confused and say they think it’s paid off…


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