An absence of work is sort of a blessing

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So, the Minor is currently without a clutch pedal, the LHD pedal supplied by Charles Ware (who else) failed, and is unservicable. It is, I’m informed, made by welding the pedal to a lump of cast metal, welding to cast metal being notoriously difficult to successfully achieve (in the words of my blacksmith a while back ‘it ain’t gonna be strong enough’). Whether or not other pedals made by Charles Ware are better made I’ll leave for someone more adventurous to find out. I fully intend to avoid purchasing from them in the future, anyhow.

So JLH are having a custom LHD pedal made. Which means I’ve rented a car because I’m available for Agency work for the next 3 days. Obviously, despite every day running up to my available days having ‘please come to work for us today’ messages arriving, since I’ve been ‘available’ a deadly silence has descended on the universe, and I appear to have spent 100 quid on renting a car that can just stay outside the house :(

On the plus side, I’ve got my essay to do, the house needs ‘a bit of a tidy’, and we’ve got builders coming to quote; so staying at home might actually be quite handy.

In other news, I may have killed the G-Wiz’s battery pack. While I firmly remember disconnecting it before leaving it in mothballs at my mum’s, I clearly didn’t, and they were pretty dead. Various other systems on the car seemed pretty unhappy, but we’re trying to revive it….


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