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Yes, the DAF still graces our drive. In fact, the DAF has got such a flat tyre that the poor little pumpy doojit can’t pump it up, I’ll have to take that wheel to a place with an air-line. The fact is, the DAF seems to like it here. Attempts to remove it are met with disaster or distain, attempts to drive it with sudden and unexpected breakages, and really it delights in tormenting me.

I have replaced nearly all of the damn thing, and yet it mocks me with an ability verging on fanaticism, by breaking somewhere new every time I fix something old.

It has, to be honest sat there immobile for a few weeks, since I swapped it before the tax ran out for the illustrious Volvo. Impressively it continues to start well, run fine, and move without problems. Apart, obviously, from the exhaust having snapped. So I made the decision to sell. Rebecca is due back soon, in her LHD form (so we *have* to go to another country, see?), and that space on the drive is hers. So I’ve commenced the list of jobs to tidy the car up for sale before she…uh, gets sold. We can look forward to an orgy of sanding, filling and painting, cleaning and polishing, and then a depressingly honest e-bay advert which will allow the car to sell for £2.50 and a nice cup of tea.

Still, hopefully I’ve saved a Worthy Classic from the scrapper, and that’s something to be proud of. Perhaps they’ll make it an EV one day and then I’ll really be a proud mum :)


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