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So, it seemed that we were heading for less stress for a bit; I’ve got my courtcase (1) coming up in a couple of weeks, and then there’s only courtcase (2), and Job interview. Also, the CRNBC had written back and said that they would be assessing my nursing education in the next 4-8 weeks… Uuuunfortunately, they have found my nursing education lacking – ironically not in any of the areas I was stressed about (i.e. Paeds / Mental Health / Maternity) but in the area I was unconcerned about – general nursing. Lord knows what is inadequate in that area, the letter doesn’t say, but I can think of several areas of my nurse training that I think were inadequate.

I *know* that stuff, because I learned it myself, or out on the wards, or over time, but they never taught me. I suppose that’s showing up now.

Of course, this is a complete pig. Suddenly I need to arrange flights to BC, an assessment, and potentially somewhere to stay. Whilst we were contemplating it as a holiday, that’d mean leaving it ’til the summer, and that delays our departure even more, and then we’re stuck in this country (which is heading further and further from where I want to be).

But the worst thing about it is being in a place where you can’t make any sort of plan. We don’t know if we’re going to be stuck in the UK for a longish period (if my SEC assessment proves that I need other courses to be completed before I can register as a nurse, then we’re into the how-long-is-a-piece-of-string arena, and also costs which may be unaffordable). If the SEC is fine then it might all just fly though.


I need to get on with e-mailing the people who do the SEC assessment so we can start developing some sort of plan. The contingency plan of staying in the UK longer is a painful one because it costs £840 ukp, *and* we can’t do anything about it until next year… and obviously that kind of cost means that we have to stay in the UK much longer to make it worth while, which means that the application stuff done so far, and the SEC test will all be wasted, and probably have to be redone. And to top it off, we’d be stuck here. Woot.


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