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Many things in life give me a disproportionate amount of pleasure. Looking at something well engineered, getting a cannula in a difficult-to-bleed patient who’s ill and needs antibiotics, music generated by Cybraphon, all sorts of random things.

But somethings cause a disproportionate amount of annoyance. For example, someone nicking our recycle bin (with 79 artfully scribed on the top of it) and switching it for a bin with a lot of mould in the bottom of it. That’s quite annoying. Arseholes, is what I say.

Anyhow, I’m off to the garage in a minute with an MZ. I’m hoping that it won’t loose too much oil through the disconnected rev-counter. I’ve been meaning to save a bottle cap to put on to seal the rev-counter-hole, which I rotated so it wouldn’t fill with water without thinking that it might, then, leak oil. It’s currently sporting a very nice purple vinyl nitrile glove finger over that. I’m doubly frustrated because I only threw away a bottle cap yesterday.

Anyhow, I must get changed…


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