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MOT Pass certificate

I have to say I’m a mixture of amazed and pleased. I pulled out and as I rode down the road realised the back brake was barely working. I mean, it did something if I put all my weight on it but not a great deal, so I rode back up the road, and adjusted it, and then rode to my test.

I don’t recall being involved so much last year, but this year it was ‘roll it to here’ ‘apply the brake gently’, and then the same for the back brake. And lights and so on.

And he said “it’s a bit rusty here and there, but pretty sound” and there I was with a shiny green MOT certificate. I just need to tax it now, although I’m loath to tax it today, what with there only being 3 days left of the month. So I’ll tax it Friday.

While I was there though my eyes alighted upon some shiny chrome. Not a lot of it, but there, glinting under cover in the corner of the yard was an Austin A30 – I think – it was apparently registered one day before my birthday (granted a few years before, too).

Sad Austin A30

It must have sat in that yard for years watching all the other cars come and go, and being very sad. It’s lost it’s front windscreen and is clearly at best a restoration case… but if anyone is interested the garage say that it should go to be used for parts, or for restoration. I don’t know how much they want for it, but I’m happy to ask.

Anyhow. Shiny things. The MZ is MOT’d. Ra!


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