Today I are mostly doing not-a-lot.

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I had various plans for today, and may yet get my act together, but mostly I’m dealing with my bodies reluctance to believe that it is day time. Sunlight is no defeater of my body’s body-clock which thinks it’s…well…it’s not entirely sure where it thinks it is, but involves making me feel faintly sick, whatever time it is.

I did, however, manage to sleep incredibly well for me on the first night.

And thus it was that I hauled myself down and Chester down to the Volvo dealership in Slough, where I handed over the keys for the first (and possibly only) time in my life, a car of mine is going to a dealership to be serviced. It’s quite an odd experience, the service desk is completely separate from the actual service department, which seems odd to me. There’s no oil or grease, there’s no people in boiler suits covered in dirt…

Anyhow, hopefully they’re going to ring back and tell me he’s done in the not too distant future, because until then we’re back down to Orlando Engineering’s loan car. What with the fact they’ve still singularly failed to ring me about the car, or I suspect even bother to have a look at it, I’m quite pleased that their Loan car is on the road outside the house, because frankly, at least I have some bargaining chips in terms of getting them to actually look at the DAF I took down there.

I have, however, been faintly if unsuccessfully productive. Kathryn found a house having a clear-out and noted the presence of a large trunk outside (and a cabinet) which she quite fancied. She didn’t bother them in the morning, but yesterday evening noted with some disappointment that the cabinet had gone. I wandered there on my way home, to see if the trunk was still outside, it is, as was a rather neat 1972 TV licence (for monochrome viewing only), which I scooped up from the garden, the trunk however I felt I really should ask about – even though it’s clearly rubbish; sadly though, no one was in.

Also in the garden was, sadly, the remenants of a black and white Ecko Television (front panel only), and the remenants of a Grundig TK20 tape recorder. If the case had been complete I might have been tempted, anyway, with the vague notion of building a Ent-Mac in the case. But it’s not.

Anyhow, I’ve also rung Mr Lilly about the Enfield which remains in Wales, hopefully soon we can get some progress on that front, and rang the Husband-of-colleague to see if he wanted to do any work on the house – but he feels it’s too far away, which is depressing because that means running the gauntlet of builders and decorators locally. A process which has so far been largely depressing.

Almost as depressing as the knowledge that money goes into the house and is unlikely to come back out.

Anyhow, so I’m thinking I have two options, one is to work on the shower, the other is to work on the bike. I’m more tempted by the bike, but we’ll see how I feel after lunch. If possible, I’d like to get her MOT’d today, so we’ll give PDM motors a ring, shall we :)


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