Sleep is in my veins

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So, today we might be a little disjointed, like a broken child’s doll my sentences may be rather limp and floppy, and bits may fall off unexpectedly.

I am, in fact, quite tired. For quite big values of quite. In fact, extraordinary values of ‘quite’. I would be in bed, but I’m bidding on a shower mixer/thing, and want to know if I’ve won, because then I’ll transfer all the money in the one go – see I had to pay the builder off the credit card today, because the money to pay him is there, but it’s in my savings account.

Because… (insert drum roll)… they finished.

The bathroom floor joists are doubled, the soil pipe is in, and the bathroom is ready to be populated with plumbing and exciting things like a bath (need to collect that next week), a sink (trying to organise collection), a shower (bits ordered, hoping to win the auction for the mixer / rigid upright and foo-foo-spray-bit), a toilet (got) and cistern (got, needs innards)… Oh, and millions upon millions of tiles. The ceiling needs painting and populating with ‘the right kind of switch’ and some bathroom safe lights. Of course, changes to the electrics occur while it’s still a bedroom.

A bedroom with a pull-cord light switch.

Shush now.

So tomorrow I shall go buy some bits and bobs. I wish they’d not put the floor-boards back down actually. I meant to tell them not to, or at least to leave some of ’em loose, but they’d done most of it yesterday and then there didn’t seem much point in saying “don’t” today. I was too busy being tired.

On the plus side I had someone look at the car today, he reckons he can repair the floor and that the damage isn’t as bad as it looks – it’s certainly still solid but there’s a big crunchy hole which I don’t recall being there before… so I’m glad I’m getting that repaired. I think it should just be exhaust and then MOT time. If I can get another year’s ticket on said VIva I shall be mightily happy. I also need to sort out that starting issue, because I look dodgy as fuck running a jumplead under the bonnet to start the car and also because it’s tedious. I want to be able to get in my car and start it, not have to pee about for five minutes to connect things up. It’s also an accident waiting to happen – the jump lead has to run out the front of the engine bay, over the top of the fan. One day, if I’m too tired, it could lead to a rather unpleasant shorted wire incident.

Shall we revisit the dull list?

– Have a new floor (or at least a doubly strong floor) in her bathroom

– Collect a (bathroom) sink, a boiler and the oven (you have *no* idea how much I’ve missed having an oven. Really. No. Idea.)
– Receive via postymagic a new hob
– Commence work on the upstairs plumbing (I guess having the very end of the soil pipe in the bedroom doesn’t count? No.)
– Win a filing cabinet, bath and a period radiator on e-bay
– Collect said bath and filing cabinet, and then later said radiator.
– Ideally reach a stage where I can get the gas-engineer in to fit the boiler, although I’m suspecting that’s beyond unlikely.
And then there’s the ‘doing’ list:
– Fix and service the Viva
– Get bike back on road
– Get welding sorted for Viva Modified: Take Viva to gain new floor
– Lay path in garden
– Plant garden
– Read about emergency nursing
– Buy and collect mom’s electric car (I hope)
Complete my CRB form, the Occy Health form – Done: as a result I now need to go to the hospital and hand in the CRB form
– Visit a clinic *and* the GP
I’d also like to see friends.

And now added: I need to sleep some :-)

Oh, and do laundry.

Definately, progress though.


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