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So, I finally got to watch last week’s Dr Who. Bloody hell, that was a good episode, after the previous one; which was a bit of a re-hash (and not as good-er re-hash) of one from the previous series (it had nice sets, but it really missed out from being the same idea again, and being a squished one-parter) it was good to be reminded just how good, and how scary Dr Who can really be.

I really like the new companion, Martha, but she’s still finding her feet I think – in scripting terms. But this episode, it played so well, I’m really impressed. I can’t wait for this evening :-)

In other news, my morning has sucked a lot; my hayfever’s acting up today, weirdly I’d got away without any hayfever for ages, and then suddenly this morning I’m all itching eyes and sneezing. The desloritadine seems to have taken it down to managable levels, although my left eye is still driving me gently insane. I’ve got to go to the Drs for a ‘Medication Review’ (*sighs*. Why do GPs do this shite, I’ve got an endocrinologist, if you think for a second I’m going to let you fiddle with my meds instead of him (when he has trouble convincing me to change anything) then you are sadly mistaken), so I’ll use that and see if I can convince them to send me to the Allergy Clinic at Guy’s.

I am still feeling the tired from yesterday – despite heading to bed at 2245 my body declined to let me sleep for a good half hour longer – annoyingly it spent that time informing me of how tired I was and that I should really be asleep. Hopefully it should resolve, but I’ve got lots to do today (I’m just waiting for the bathroom to reach ‘warm’ so I can shower, ‘cos I couldn’t shower yesterday, ‘cos they were building the pipework).

Anyway, in a bit I’m going to zip (well, meander) over to B&Q and buy some bits – hopefully I can get the toilet installed upstairs – at least as far as is practicable. I’m hoping I can also lay in the pipework for the bathroom – at least some of the way. Downstairs I’m planning to use some compression joints so I can link it in to the current plumbing and then later when I redo the plumbing downstairs I can whip the compression joints out and put proper yorkshire’s in.

There’s a few other jobs to do, too.

Anyway, in non allergy and non-house news; Kara ([info]howlsthunder) has added me on Facebook. I think I went and looked ‘cos Naomi at work was talking about it; and asked if I was on it. A mere month or two later I decided to look (and felt it was rather clunky but joined and then neglected to do anything with it). Since Kara’s friended me on there I’ve kind of felt I should update it to have at least some useful information – so uh, it’s done. Hunt me down and friend me folks :-)

ETA: I remembered my other news. I’ve lost my fracking MP3 player. I had it when I came back from the cashpoint having got money to pay the builders, and I remember wandering around with it in my hand. But now I’ve no idea where I put it after that. I’ve looked at every obvious surface. In pockets, behind cushions, on the accessible shelves. I really have no clue where it’s gone :(



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