There have been complaints

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Apparently, I’ve been keeping quiet about some news in my life, which I have, because I wasn’t sure where it was going. Or whether it was going anywhere. It seemed good, but my anti-chicken-counting was making me careful.

That and the faint insanity which surrounds it. See, I talked to this girl, a few weeks ago in an event that was phenominally random; the sheer amount of random sticks in my head, as do the infiniately small probability of me and my random clicking ending up with us in conversation.

Anyway, it seems that she liked me, and I liked her, and thus a few weeks ago I headed to London, as did she, and we spent a really rather nice evening discovering that we were quite good at talking in person, and apparently very bad at reading the other person’s body language.

And eventually we came to Saturday, where it finally became apparent that this interesting, beautiful, intelligent, fun, articulate girl likes me. Something which makes me smile.

So, yes; in summary, I met a girl and she rocks my little world…


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