It’s not a fleet, it’s more a small collection.

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So, today I ended up getting the Viva. It’s tatty, but looks sound and mechanically seems to be okay. The journey back was nearly trouble free – we had a little electrical issue – the rotor arm looks sorely in need of replacement but a good clean seems to have temporarily solved the issue.

Sadly that wasn’t the *only* issue. No, I got to tesco after a 120 mile jaunt and nipped round doing my shopping. Probably took me less than 20 minutes. Came back out and Brick (as I’ve decided he (I think) is called) wouldn’t start. Fiddling with the rotor arm didn’t help. There just seemed to be no desire at all to even try.

Lots of turning – enough that the oil pressure light’d go out. But no, not a hope. And just as I was about to declare failure and ring the AA – it started. Smooth as butter and no churning of the starter – it just *started*. Thinking that it was maybe a technique issue, I headed off to Halfords (It needs two new wiperblades; sadly I didn’t realise the cheeky bastards sell them as singles in *big* boxes; so I only bought one. Still, being able to see out of half the windscreen is still a big improvement). And lo, she’d not start. Starts fine when cold. Not too bad when hot, but warm? Warm is a complete dog.

Still, hopefully we’ll get it all sussed.

Anyway, here’s Brick, after a long journey home:

1971 Viva

Incidentally, if anyone has a spare car radio kicking around, and some speakers, that’d be quite handy.


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