Sometimes I think I should just give my first-born to Microsoft

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I hate Microsoft, many people know that, and as part of that I decline to take part in their product activation. I’ll hunt and seek and find ways around activating anything. Same with all my products, actually. I don’t see why I should be hastled.

And I don’t see why they should get any information about my PC. It’s *my* PC and it’s not like their products are cheap. So. Yeah. Unfortunately the last patch I applied to my XP entertainment box… well… yeah. It confused matters. The machine is now schizophrenic, thinking on the one hand that it’s activated, and on the other that it’s not.
The upshot of all of this is that it’s dead. I need to reinstall Windows. Bah. And I’ve no-one to blame but myself. What’s that you say? “But Kate you must love reinstalling windows, you do it so often…”. Uh. No.

So, let’s skip on that and go onto other news. It appears the company I asked to quote for rebuilding my engine were ‘confused’. They wanted to return it to me in bits for me to reassemble. *sighs*. I noticed that they didn’t seem to actually *read* the e-mail I’d sent them – the whole bit about ‘normally I’d do this myself, but I don’t have the time at the moment’ seems to have passed them by. *sighs*. I fear the returned quote with assembly cost. But let’s find out.

The installing thing is kinda getting to me, but the rest of the universe can go hang, because frankly nothing’s going to erase my general good mood. Not tiredness, not the fact my lemon tree looks exceedingly unwell, not the fact that my builder’s not rung, and not the fact that I can’t now watch what I wanted to watch on telly, because the Ent.PC is dead.

I shall simply relax, listen to CIUT and consider reading about antibiotics some more.


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