Ahh. All becomes clear

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Whilst I’m sure you’re not interested it didn’t actually take that long to figure out where things went ‘wrong’ this month. I paid the Building Regs fees out of ‘current’ not ‘savings’. Which is fine, and actually I’ve only transferred enough to cover me for next week out of ‘savings’. However, it’s explained the unexplained lack of 300 quid from my account.


What isn’t ‘quite’ so good is the realisation that I’m now down to less than I thought in my savings account (presuamably why I decided to try and squeeze through the month on current, not savings, even when having to spend lots on car’s MOT, insurance, etc, etc, etc). I am looking forward to the point when the house is more sorted, because then I might get some sort of realistic feel for how much money I’ve got coming in and out. It’s really hard to keep a track of it when I pay for some building stuff out of ‘current’ and some from ‘savings’ and sometimes I don’t transfer all the money – because if I can do stuff out of my income I’d prefer to do that than taking it out of my savings (obviously).

Anyway. So yes, it doesn’t *help*, but at least I now know where the money went, and I don’t feel guilty. I was worrying that I’d done something dumb, like bought a herd of elephants, or a small island somewhere, something like that, in my sleep. But no, it appears that my outgoings are all justifyable.

In other news, my Homehub has still not arrived. I would be suprised but frankly, BT’s shonky customer service is now becoming a legend in my own home. They cut me off after making me wait on hold for ages today. So now I’m using their complaints line. I remain awfully close to cancelling my account and getting a phone from someone…anyone else. It is, however, the irritation of having to change my number(s), etc, which is the bigger stopping point. That and the hastle. Although the hastle of my broken hub is starting to reach the level where it’s more hastle to *stay* with BT than to change. Which is bad for BT.


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