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Somehow, this month I have fubar’d my finanaces. All the bills have been paid, fortunately, but I shan’t be buying any more food (well, I might get myself a bag-salad) until after I get paid next week.

I’m not even entirely sure where the money’s gone, so I shall be spending a tedious few hours later staring at the Mac and my online account. I suspect though, that I have been a dumbass. I only realised this yesterday when I went out with my freinds to get takeaway and had to use the credit card. The Debit card still – uh – well, it’s got overdraft on it, but that’s it.

I do wish I’d realised this *before* I spent money on batteries, but I didn’t and already had, so that’s kinda too late. On the plus side I should have some new batteries coming.


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