not exactly what I needed…

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So, the day before going to Canada I get the ‘correct’ alternator for my car, only because they’re too damn cheap to include a pulley, you need to take the pulley off the old one. I was very tired, so tired. My back hurts. My body is tired. It’s cold. And I’m bent over, arms deep in the engine, desperately trying to take the old alternator out. Finally it comes out and it becomes apparent that the old pulley won’t fit the new alternator.

In the end – a great deal of swearing was involked, some semi-weeping and the old alternator went back on. Once on there, I took the new (correct) alternator back to the shop and swapped it for a replacement of the ‘incorrect’ alternator I’ve got fitted. Then I came back to Nikki’s, and despite the rain, swapped the alternator over. Now I ache, I’m tired, but I think I am ready to go to Canada.

Or more accurately, ready for when I return.

This time tomorrow I’ll be on a flight.


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