I do what with this now?

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I’ve been pondering a journal entry. This is odd for me, as you’ve all no doubt noticed I tend to ponder journal entries while writing them, hence my inimitable rambly tedious style. This is more a space for me to think outloud than anything more serious. Sometimes you’ll get serious – but mostly because I feel pissy about something of significance and decide to share the pissy with y’all.

So, yeah. Here I am, I’m about to go to Canada – the land I think I’d like to live in; I’ll be able to more fully articulate the whys and the wherefores after I’ve been there; I’ve moved almost everything I own into two garages (it would, to be fair, fit in one garage – but that would be a bit unreasonable on my sister and my mum). So, seriously, here I am with the majority of my accessible worldy possessions, I’m about to hand over the keys to my rented house (since it’s no longer rented) and some odd thoughts struck me.

When I was driving the van back from my sister’s house, I had much time for thought – not least because driving a 3.5 ton lorry is quite, quite tedious – I had this urge – this quite strong urge to throw away everything I own. I wondered how free I’d feel to lose it *all* and start again. I suddenly felt so tied down by it all – the idea that it could all go away and I could start again, well, it was quite tempting. I know I’d regret it though, I’m a nostalgia bunny with a memory that’s not that great; and to lose it all, well… But quite a lot of it could go. Suddenly I see that.

One of my problems is sheer quantity of furniture and tools. Tools especially – because I do most jobs myself I own tools to do, well, most jobs. This – of course, means that my life is run on a lower budget than many, but at the same time – it means there’s a lot of stuff to move. Stuff. Lots of stuff.

Anyway, yeah, so I’m starting on this trip – and this trip kind of decides where my life goes after this.

So that’s tomorrow. Today, today is getting eyebrows done (gotta look good for the holiday; I’m just not as butch as I used to be :-) ) and sourcing a replacement alternator for my car. I was going to go to a scrap yard, but I am *so* tired from doing… everything. So very tired. That I think flumping around in a scrappy is the last thing I need. Frustratingly I’ve just discovered that you can modify Delco alternators to fit the Minor – this would be great, but I don’t have the time to do so. However, it’s useful information for my intended transfer to Canada – because the Delco units are new – not recon – and also have a higher power output. So that’s a longer term plan. But for now, we wait for opening time and then we go “whup-ah” and pounce on the people in the land of shops and say “how mucha-for-da-alternator”. Worst comes to worst I’ll order it from this online shop….

See. Rambly-fish. That’s me.


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